Palletizing and Depalletizing

Palletizing as a process that takes place at the end of the production line is especially suitable for the efficient application of robots. Sequences of movements that must be done in order to put an item onto the pallet are very similar. Due to the use of a robot it is possible to avoid performing monotonous, tedious and dangerous (because of weight) work by humans.

Depalletizing is a reverse process of palletizing and,similarly, it is especially suitable for the efficient application of robots. The application of the robot very often shortens the time to put a semi-finished product or a package on the production line and thus increases the performance of the entire line.

Key benefits from the use of a robot in the palletizing or depalletizing processes:
  • high repeatability of the arrangement of items that affects the quality
  • increased production line performance
  • increased flexibility
  • increase in the availability of the production line up to 24 hours a day
  • reduced costs
  • reduced risk to the health of employees and thus palletizing is possible in difficult conditions
iPS Control® specializes in robotic palletizing systems.
We design, test, assemble and start up customized robot workstations.


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