Robots are increasingly used for pick&place applications that are frequently combined with packaging systems. These are especially designed applications where robots are equipped with a vision system and they are able to identify the position of an item moving on the conveyor belt, pick it and place it properly in the package. In addition, a very important aspect is the speed of picking an item from the belt due to, in particular, increase in production line performance levels.

For these reasons Pick&Place robots are designed in such a way that their speed is maximum. Several robots are used in the case of production lines with a very high performance level. The robots retrieve information from a single vision system and complement each other in picking items form the belt and placing them in packages.

Key benefits from the use of a robot in Pick&Place applications:
  • high repeatability of the arrangement of items that affects the quality
  • a significant increase in the production line performance level due to the speed of robots
  • increased flexibility
  • an increase in the availability of the production line up to 24 hours a day
  • reduced costs
iPS Control® specializes in robotic Pick&Place systems.
We design, test, assemble and start up customized robot workstations.


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