Why a robot?

The following challenges are certainly to be faced by you in your everyday work:

  • insufficient performance and availability of this part of the production line that is responsible for packaging/palletizing
  • the need to shorten the time for increase or decrease in the number of manufactured items
  • significant staff turnover
  • work in difficult conditions, health and safety at work
  • insufficient product quality, inacurrate or poor palletizing and frequent returns from clients
  • for the reasons above, the need to maintain a large quality control department
  • high failure rate of the part of the production line responsible for packaging/palletizing
  • problems with the timeliness of deliveries
  • the need to reduce the levels of human contact with food

These problems can be resolved by means of robots.

With an investment in robotics you can not only resolve current problems but also achieve tactical and strategic objectives including:

  • shorter time to provide a new product in the market
  • increase in reliability in the eyes of clients and contractors
  • cost optimization
  • improved quality
  • the use of modern technology with respect to EU financial support.

Feel free to contact us... a conversation with our consultant will help you to obtain answers to any questions about robotics.

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